Publications [#234377] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Judson, RS; Lehmann, KK; Rabitz, H; Warren, WS, Optimal design of external fields for controlling molecular motion: application to rotation, Journal of Molecular Structure, vol. 223 no. C (June, 1990), pp. 425-456 [doi] .

    A general discussion of quantum controllability leads to the specific focus of this work, namely the use of tailored radiation to excite rotational states, either specific |JM〉 states or superposition states which correspond to a high degree of molecular orientation. It is shown that starting from the |00> state it is in principle possible to produce any eigenstate or superposition state given a long enough pulse and specific examples are presented. Highly ordered states, which are useful in a variety of spectroscopic applications, can be prepared by realistic tailored microwave fields. © 1990.