Publications [#234385] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Goswami, D; Warren, WS, Control of chemical dynamics by restricting intramolecular vibrational relaxation, The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 99 no. 6 (September, 1993), pp. 4509-4517 [doi] .

    We address the issue of localization of bond energy in a molecule by stopping intramolecular vibrational relaxation (IVR). We show through model calculations that appropriate frequency sweeps permit selective locking over a well-defined range of resonance frequencies, with little excitation outside that range. We also propose a modified version of an adiabatic half passage experiment that will perform photon locking without complications from inhomogeneities or partial excitation of other transitions for a bright state coupled to a finite number of dark states. © 1993 American Institute of Physics.