Publications [#234421] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Lin, Y; Ahn, S; Murali, N; Brey, W; Bowers, CR; Warren, WS, High-resolution, >1 GHz NMR in unstable magnetic fields., Physical Review Letters, vol. 85 no. 17 (October, 2000), pp. 3732-3735 [doi] .

    Resistive or hybrid magnets can achieve substantially higher fields than those available in superconducting magnets, but their spatial homogeneity and temporal stability are unacceptable for high-resolution NMR. We show that modern stabilization and shimming technology, combined with detection of intermolecular zero-quantum coherences (iZQCs), can remove almost all of the effects of inhomogeneity and drifts, while retaining chemical shift differences and J couplings. In a 25-T electromagnet (1 kHz/s drift, 3 kHz linewidth over 1 cm(3)), iZQC detection removes >99% of the remaining inhomogeneity, to generate the first high-resolution liquid-state NMR spectra acquired at >1 GHz.