Publications [#234497] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Branca, RT; Warren, WS, In vivo NMR detection of diet-induced changes in adipose tissue composition., Journal of Lipid Research, vol. 52 no. 4 (April, 2011), pp. 833-839 [21270099], [doi] .

    We introduce an in vivo spectroscopic method to assess the effects of diet on fatty acid composition of the predominant chemical constituent of adipocytes in mice. To do this, we make use of a nonlinear NMR signal that, unlike a standard NMR signal, is intrinsically insensitive to local magnetic field inhomogeneities and which naturally suppresses the large water signal from nonfatty tissues. Our method yields fat composition information from fat depots distributed over large sample volumes in a single experiment, without requiring the use of tedious shimming procedures, voxel selection, or water suppression. Our results suggest that this method can reveal clear differences in adipose tissue composition of mice fed a standard chow diet compared with mice fed a diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. With further developments this method could be used to obtain information on human lipid composition noninvasively and to track changes in lipid composition induced by diet intervention, pharmaceutical drugs, and exercise.