Publications [#234540] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Warren, WS; Zewail, AH, Optical multiple pulse sequences for multiphoton selective excitation and enhancement of forbidden transitions, The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 78 no. 6 (March, 1983), pp. 3583-3592 [doi] .

    In this paper we present novel and simple pulse sequences for enhancing the intensity of forbidden or highly nonresonant optical transitions. These sequences provide a straightforward approach to circumventing the most serious limitation of optical coherent transient spectroscopy: Available laser intensities are often insufficient to excite a significant fraction of the ground state population into desired excited states, either because of large inhomogeneous broadening or, in the case of multiphoton absorption, large anharmonicities. Optical phase modulation (which can be produced by an acousto-optic modulator) or amplitude modulation (which can be produced by an interferometer) with carefully chosen pulse flip angles and delays can effectively remove even very large energy mismatches, thus permitting essentially complete population inversions arbitrarily far from resonance. Coherent averaging theory and computer calculations are used to derive particularly valuable sequences. Pumping enhancement of 103-10 5 (depending on individual molecular parameters) for these modulated pulse sequences are predicted. Specific applications to multiphoton pumping of local vibrational modes are discussed. © 1983 American institute of Physics.