Publications [#234580] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Bardeen, CJ; Yakovlev, VV; Wilson, KR; Carpenter, SD; Weber, PM; Warren, WS, Feedback quantum control of molecular electronic population transfer, Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 280 no. 1-2 (November, 1997), pp. 151-158 [doi] .

    Feedback quantum control, where the sample 'teaches' a computer-controlled arbitrary lightform generator to find the optimal light field, is experimentally demonstrated for a molecular system. Femtosecond pulses tailored by a computer-controlled acousto-optic pulse shaper excite fluorescence from laser dye molecules in solution. Fluorescence and laser power are monitored, and the computer uses the experimental data and a genetic algorithm to optimize population transfer from ground to first excited state. Both efficiency (the ratio of excited state population to laser energy) and effectiveness (total excited state population) are optimized. Potential use as an 'automated theory tester' is discussed.