Publications [#234610] of Warren S. Warren

Journal Articles
  1. Huang, SY; Walls, JD; Wang, Y; Warren, WS; Lin, Y-Y, Signal irreproducibility in high-field solution magnetic resonance experiments caused by spin turbulence, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 121 no. 13 (2004), pp. 6105-6109 [doi] .

    The turbulent spin dynamics resulting from the joint action of radiation damping and distant dipolar field caused signal irreversibility in gradient based magnetic resonance experiments. The experiments for the stimulated echo variant were carried out which emphasize the generality of observed signal irreproducibility. The modulated magnetization was perturbed to render magic-angle gradients ineffective in supressing signal fluctuations. The results show that the magic-angle gradients may not completely curb unstable modes of growth leading to turbulent spin motion.