Publications [#248901] of Henry R. Weller

Papers Accepted
  1. Sabourov, A; Ahmed, MW; Blackston, MA; Crowell, AS; Howell, CR; Perdue, BA; Sabourov, K; Tonchev, A; Weller, HR; Prior, RM; Spraker, MC, Astrophysical S factor for the ( ) and ( ) reactions, Physical Review C, vol. 73 no. 1 (January, 2006), The American Physical Society [org], [doi] .

    The absolute astrophysical S factor and cross section for the Li7(d,n0)Be8 and Li7(d,n1)Be8 reactions have been determined using deuteron beams with energies between 45 and 80 keV. The slope of the S factor is consistent with zero in the n0 case but is slightly negative in the n1 case. The S factor for the sum of both neutron groups at c.m. energies below 70 keV is S(E)=5400(±1500)-37(±21)E keV b, where E is the c.m. energy in keV. © 2006 The American Physical Society.