Publications [#167640] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. H. Hao, X. Q. Wang, Y. K. Wu, Nonlinear Dynamics Study of Storage Ring with Super Periods, Proceedings of 2009 Particle Accelerator Conference (2009), pp. 1904-1906 .

    Many mod­ern light source stor­age rings use a basic mag­net­ic lat­tice struc­ture con­sist­ing of a num­ber of repet­i­tive pe­ri­od­ic lat­tice block, the super pe­ri­ods. The study of one su­per-pe­ri­od can re­veal the dy­nam­i­cal pro­pri­eties of the stor­age ring. Un­like the tra­di­tion­al ap­proach of study­ing the one-turn map of the stor­age ring, the work fo­cus­es on the study of a su­per-pe­ri­od lat­tice, which al­lows us to gain new in­sight into the stor­age ring dy­nam­ics using a sim­pler mag­net­ic struc­ture. In this paper, both an­a­lyt­i­cal and nu­mer­i­cal tech­niques, in­clud­ing Lie Al­ge­bra and Nor­mal Form, and par­ti­cle track­ing and fre­quen­cy anal­y­sis, are used to study the non­lin­ear dy­nam­ics of one su­per-pe­ri­od of a stan­dard dou­ble-bend achro­mat (DBA) and triple-bend achro­mat (TBA) with two or more non­lin­ear el­e­ments (e.g. sex­tupoles). The re­la­tion­ship be­tween the su­per-pe­ri­od dy­nam­ics and stor­age ring dy­nam­ics is ex­plored in terms of the glob­al lat­tice tun­ing and local lat­tice se­lec­tion for straight sec­tions.