Publications [#167642] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. C. Sun, Y. K. Wu, J. Li, G. Rusev, A. P. Tonchev, Accurate energy measurement of an electron beam in a storage ring using Compton scattering technique, Proceedings of 2009 Particle Accelerator Conference (2009), pp. 3552-3554 .

    A gam­ma-ray beam pro­duced by Comp­ton scat­ter­ing of a laser beam and a rel­a­tivis­tic elec­tron beam has been used to de­ter­mine elec­tron beam pa­ram­e­ters. In order to ac­cu­rate­ly mea­sure the elec­tron beam en­er­gy, a fit­ting model based upon Comp­ton scat­ter­ing cross sec­tion is in­tro­duced in this paper. With this model, we have suc­cess­ful­ly de­ter­mined the en­er­gy of the elec­tron beam in Duke stor­age ring with a rel­a­tive un­cer­tain­ty of 3× 10-5 using a Comp­ton gamma beam from the High In­ten­si­ty γ-ray Source (HIγS) fa­cil­i­ty at Duke Uni­ver­si­ty.