Publications [#17524] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. J. H. Kelley, B. T. Crowley, V. N. Litvinenko, S.H. Park, I.V. Pinayev, E. C. Schreiber, W. Tornow, Y. Wu, and H. R. Weller, High-Intensity y-ray Source, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 576 (2001), pp. 659, American Institute of Physics .

    A mono-energetic tunable source of 100% linearly polarized y rays has been developed at the Duke Free- Electron Laser Laboratory in conjunction with Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory. The OK-4 PEL is coupled to a 1-GeV electron storage ring and generates intense beams of visible or UV photons. In y-ray production mode, the OK-4 photons Compton scatter from high-energy electrons inside the optical cavity leading to backscattered y rays. The strong correlation between scattering angle and y-ray energy permits a selection of the energy spread of the y-ray beam that depends on a simple geometrical aperture located along the optical axis. Results obtained/(design parameters) indicate yray beams with energies of 2.2-587(2.0-175) MeV, AE/E<1.0% and total fluxes greater than 107/(1010) y rays/s.