Publications [#191716] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. V. N. Litvinenko, S. H. Park, Y. Wu, The Duke XUV FEL Storage Ring Facility, in Proceedings of 1998 Asia Particle Accelerator Conference (1998), pp. 834-836 .

    In this paper we present status and developments of the Duke storage ring facility. The Duke storage ring facility provides the unique combination of phase-locked light sources ranging from high power OK-4 XUV FEL to quasimonochromatic g -ray beam and IR/X-ray spontaneous radiation. The XUV OK-4 FEL, which is collaborative project with BINP, Novosibirsk, is in operation since November, 1996. The OK-4 UV FEL is also used for production of nearly monochromatic g -ray s with tunable energy. We present the results of UV lasing with the OK- 4 FEL and selected results of its applications. We will discuss our future plans for extension of this source and status of the construction of dedicated used facility adjacent to the FEL building.