Publications [#191723] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. B. Burnham, V. N. Litvinenko, J. M. J. Madey, Y. Wu, Microbunching in Storage Ring FELs, in AIP Conf. Proceedings, Proceedings of Micro Bunches Workshop, Editors: E. B. Blum, M. Dienes, J. B. Murphy, vol. 367 (1996), pp. 215--224 .

    We propose two schemes to create short electron bunches within a storage ring free electron laser (FEL). The first scheme proposed will operate a nearly isochronous ramwave FEL at the Duke storage ring facility. Resonant FEL conditions for the nun-wave will be provided by the off-axis interaction with an electromagnetic wave. Simulation results for the proposed mm-wave FEL operation on the Duke storage ring will be discussed. The second proposal is to maintain electron structure on an optical wave scale by operating the storage ring on a high order resonance in order to produce FEL power above the random phase approximation. The high order resonance will be used to compensate for the natural dispersion and loss of phase information. An N-th order resonance will restore phase information after N turns of the electron bunch in the storage ring. In this mode, which does not require isochronicity of the ring, the stochastic conditions used to derive the random phase approximation are no longer applicable.