Publications [#249298] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. Wu, YK; Popov, VG; Hartman, S; Pinayev, I; Mikhailov, SF; Morcombe, P; Oakeley, O; Wallace, P; Wang, P; Litvinenko, V, Improving power supply performance for the Duke storage ring, Proceedings of the IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference, vol. 2 (Winter, 2003), pp. 752-754 .

    As part of the recent Duke storage ring hardware upgrade (2001-2002), a power supply improvement program was put in place to bring all major DC supplies to their specifications. In carrying out this program, power supplies have been modified, tuned, and thoroughly tested. In its actual operation configuration, each power supply was subject to extensive testing to determine its DC stability, reproducibility and linearity, AC ripple and noise, and ramping performance. As a result, all major DC supplies have been improved to meet most important performance specifications for 1 GeV operation.