Publications [#249313] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. Werner, V; Pietralla, N; Brentano, PV; Kneissl, U; Pitz, HH; Tonchev, A; Ahmed, MW; Fransen, C; Garrel, HV; Kohstall, C; Li, J; Linnemann, A; Müller, S; Pinayev, IV; Savran, D; Scheck, M; Stedile, F; Tornow, W; Walter, S; Weller, HR; Wu, YK, New findings for mixed-symmetry states, in AIP Conf.Proc., edited by A.Woehr, A.Aprahamian, Aip Conference Proceedings, vol. 819 (2006), pp. 340-344(Proc.12th Intern.Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics, Notre Dame, Indiana, 4-9 September 2005.) [doi] .

    This report summarizes experiments performed on 164Dy using photon scattering techniques. The scissors mode in 164Dy has been reinvestigated using unpolarized photons from bremsstrahlung and polarized photons from a free electron laser. The current experiments lead to the observation of a new decay mode of the scissors mode in well-deformed rotors. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.