Publications [#249354] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. Litvinenko, VN; Burnham, B; Emamian, M; Hower, N; Madey, JMJ; Morcombe, P; O'Shea, PG; Park, SH; Sachtschale, R; Straub, KD; Swift, G; Wang, P; Wu, Y; Canon, RS; Howell, CR; Roberson, NR; Schreiber, EC; Spraker, M; Tornow, W; Weller, HR; Pinayev, IV; Gavrilov, NG; Fedotov, MG; Kulipanov, GN; Kurkin, GY; Mikhailov, SF; Popik, VM; Skrinsky, AN; Vinokurov, NA; Norum, BE; Lumpkin, A; Yang, B, Gamma-Ray Production in a Storage Ring Free-Electron Laser, Physical Review Letters, vol. 78 no. 24 (June, 1997), pp. 4569-4572 [doi] .

    A nearly monochromatic beam of 100% linearly polarized γ rays has been produced via Compton backscattering inside a free electron laser optical cavity. The beam of 12.2 MeV γ rays was obtained by backscattering 379.4 nm free-electron laser photons from 500 MeV electrons circulating in a storage ring. A detailed description of the γ-ray beam and the outlook for future improvements are presented.