Publications [#249357] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. Litvinenko, VN; Burnham, B; Park, SH; Wu, Y; Cataldo, R; Emamian, M; Faircloth, J; Goetz, S; Hower, N; Madey, JMJ; Meyer, J; Morcombe, P; Oakeley, O; Patterson, J; Swift, G; Wang, P; Pinayev, IV; Fedotov, MG; Gavrilov, NG; Popik, VM; Repkov, VN; Isaeva, LG; Kulipanov, GN; Kurkin, GY; Mikhailov, SF; Skrinsky, AN; Vinokurov, NA; Vobly, PD; Lumpkin, A; Yang, B, First UV/visible lasing with the OK-4/Duke storage ring FEL, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol. 407 no. 1-3 (1998), pp. 8-15 [doi] .

    In this paper, we report first lasing results in the near-UV and visible spectral ranges with the OK-4/Duke storage ring - the first storage ring FEL operating in the United States. The OK-4/Duke FEL was commissioned in November 1996 and demonstrated lasing in the 345-413 nm range with extracted power of 0.15 W. In addition to lasing, the OK-4/Duke FEL generated a nearly monochromatic (1% FWHM) γ-ray beams. In this paper, we describe initial performance of the OK-4/Duke storage ring FEL and γ-ray source in this demonstration experiment. We briefly discuss the present status of the project and its future user program. © 1998 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.