Publications [#249366] of Ying Wu

Papers Published
  1. Wu, YK; Vinokurov, NA; Mikhailov, S; Li, J; Popov, V, High-gain lasing and polarization switch with a distributed optical-klystron free-electron laser., Physical Review Letters, vol. 96 no. 22 (June, 2006), pp. 224801 [16803315], [doi] .

    This Letter reports the first experimental results from the world's first distributed optical-klystron (DOK) free-electron laser (FEL), the DOK-1 FEL, at Duke University. The DOK-1 FEL is a hybrid system, comprised of four wigglers: two horizontal and two helical. With the DOK-1 FEL, we have obtained the highest FEL gain among all storage ring based FELs at 47.8% (+/-2.7%) per pass. We have also demonstrated that the FEL gain can be enhanced by increasing electron bunching using wigglers with a different polarization. Furthermore, we have realized controlled polarization switches of the FEL beam by a nonoptical means through the manipulation of a buncher magnet.