Publications [#199688] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Lin-Jun Wang, G. P. Guo, Da Wei, Gang Cao, Tao Tu, Ming Xiao, Guo Guang-Can, and A.M. Chang, Gates controlled parallel-coupled double quantum dot on both single layer and bilayer graphene, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 99 (2011), pp. 112117 [p112117_s1] .

    Here we report the fabrication and quantum transport measurements of gates controlled parallel-coupled double quantum dot on both bilayer and single layer graphene. It is shown that the interdot coupling strength of the parallel double dots can be effectively tuned from weak to strong regime by both the in-plane plunger gates and back gate. All the relevant energy scales and parameters of the graphene parallel-coupled double dot can be extracted from the honeycomb charge stability diagrams revealed through the transport measurements. The present method of designing and fabricating graphene parallel DQD is demonstrated to be general and reliable, which may greatly enhance the realization of graphene nanodevice and desirable study of rich parallel DQD physical phenomena in graphene.