Publications [#245752] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Chang, AM, Novel Phenomena in Small Individual and Coupled Quantum Dots, in ELECTRON TRANSPORT IN QUANTUM DOTS, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, edited by Bird, JP (2003), pp. 123 pages, Kluwer Academic Publishers .


    We discuss several novel phenomena observed in individual or coupled quan-tum dots fabricated in GaAs/Al_xGa_{1-x}As materials, where the lithographic dot- size ranges from 350nm down to 120nm. These include distinct signatures of "quantum chaos" as evidenced in the highly non-Gaussian distributionof Coulomb blockade conductance peak heights in individual quantum dots, which are related to the well-known Porter-Thomas distribution of resonance widths in the scattering of neutrons from nuclei, spin physics in individualdots manifested in the even-odd (pairing) effect and in the Kondo effect, and spin physics in an artificial, double-quantum-dot molecule as evidenced by theclear observation of the coherent Kondo effect. These significant observations may have ramifications for future implementation of the coupled-quantum-dotsystem for quantum computation.