Publications [#245770] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Chang, AM; Cunningham, JE, Transmission and reflection probabilities between ν=1 and ν= 2 3 quantum Hall effects and between ν= 2 3 and ν= 1 3 effects, Solid State Communications, vol. 72 no. 7 (1989), pp. 651-655 .

    We perform transport experiments in the quantum Hall regime on transmission through a barrier region exhibiting a fractional quantum Hall effect. For transmission from the ν=1 effect through a barrier at the 2 3 effect, the transmission probability is 2 3(0.998±.005) and the reflection is 1 3(.983±.010). Interpreted in terms of conduction via edge states, our results yield a quasi-particle charge of -e 3±2% in the 2 3 effect in one picture, and a reduction in the single-particle density of states in another. Data on transmission from the 2 3 effect through a barrier at 1 3 are consistent with these interpretations. © 1989.