Publications [#245787] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Wang, L-J; Li, H-O; Tu, T; Cao, G; Zhou, C; Hao, X-J; Su, Z; Xiao, M; Guo, G-C; Chang, AM; Guo, G-P, Controllable tunnel coupling and molecular states in a graphene double quantum dot, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 100 no. 2 (2012) [doi] .

    We have measured a graphene double quantum dot device with multiple electrostatic gates that are used to enhance control to investigate it. At low temperatures, the transport measurements reveal honeycomb charge stability diagrams which can be tuned from weak to strong interdot tunnel coupling regimes. We precisely extract a large interdot tunnel coupling strength for this system allowing for the observation of tunnel-coupled molecular states extending over the whole double dot. This clean, highly controllable system serves as an essential building block for quantum devices in a nuclear-spin-free world. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.