Publications [#245809] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Boebinger, GS; Chang, AM; Stormer, HL; Tsui, DC, Magnetic field dependence of activation energies in the fractional quantum hall effect, Physical Review Letters, vol. 55 no. 15 (1985), pp. 1606-1609 [doi] .

    We have studied the temperature dependence of the fractional quantum Hall effect at Landaulevel filling factors =13, 23, 43, 53, 25, and 35 in magnetic fields up to 28 T to determine the magnitude of the associated energy gaps. The data suggest a single activation energy for =13, 23, 43, and 35. Its magnitude, much smaller than predicted by current theories, vanishes for B6 T and saturates at B18 T. The data also suggest a single activation energy for =25 and 35 which is smaller than predicted. © 1985 The American Physical Society.