Publications [#245815] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Timp, G; Chang, AM; Mankiewich, P; Behringer, R; Cunningham, JE; Chang, TY; Howard, RE, Quantum transport in an electron-wave guide, Physical Review Letters, vol. 59 no. 6 (1987), pp. 732-735 [doi] .

    We have fabricated high-mobility, one dimensional wires in GaAs-AlGaAs heterostructures and measured the resistance as a function of magnetic field and temperature. Because of the size of the devices and the high mobility, only a few channels carry the current at 35 mK with minimal scattering. Fluctuations in the resistance as a function of magnetic field due to quantum interference are observed for 0<c<300, where c is the cyclotron frequency and is the scattering time, superimposed upon Shubnikov "de Haas oscillations and the Hall effect. © 1987 The American Physical Society.