Publications [#245825] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Chang, AM; Owusu-Sekyere, K; Chang, TY, Observation of phase-shift locking of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in doubly connected GaAsAlxGa1-xAs heterostructure devices, Solid State Communications, vol. 67 no. 11 (1988), pp. 1027-1030 .

    We have observed a tendency toward locking of the Aharonov-Bohm effect phase shift, in doubly connected, quasi-one-dimensional GaAsAlxGa1-xAs devices. The resistances of adjacent segments within a device exhibit periodic modulations, due to magnetic flux penetrating the area enclosed by the doubly connected geometry, which are phase-shifted from each other by a value of close to 180°. This phase shift value persists over a range of 200 periods (∼4kGauss in magnetic field), and is observed for various current-voltage configurations. © 1988.