Publications [#245836] of Albert M. Chang

Papers Published
  1. Alers, GB; Krisch, KS; Monroe, D; Weir, BE; Chang, AM, Tunneling current noise in thin gate oxides, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 69 no. 19 (1996), pp. 2885-2887, AIP [1] .

    We have examined fluctuations in the tunneling current of 3.5 nm SiO2 barriers for voltages in the direct tunneling regime. We find a 1/f power law for the spectral density of the fluctuations where f is the frequency. This 1/f noise can be attributed to fluctuations of a trap assisted tunneling current through the oxide that causes current noise but is not evident in the I-V curves. We suggest that this noise may be a more sensitive probe of trap assisted tunneling and degradation in thin oxides than other measures. At voltages above a threshold of 2.5 V, we observe the reversible onset of non-Gaussian current transients in the noise. The onset of these current transients can be related to a transition in the spacial uniformity of the tunneling current density that may result in eventual breakdown of the oxide. © 1996 American Institute of Physics.