Publications [#332657] of Anne W. Draelos

Papers Published
  1. Watson, AM; Zhang, X; Alcaraz de la Osa, R; Marcos Sanz, J; González, F; Moreno, F; Finkelstein, G; Liu, J; Everitt, HO, Rhodium nanoparticles for ultraviolet plasmonics., Nano Letters, vol. 15 no. 2 (February, 2015), pp. 1095-1100, American Chemical Society [nl5040623], [doi] .

    The nonoxidizing catalytic noble metal rhodium is introduced for ultraviolet plasmonics. Planar tripods of 8 nm Rh nanoparticles, synthesized by a modified polyol reduction method, have a calculated local surface plasmon resonance near 330 nm. By attaching p-aminothiophenol, local field-enhanced Raman spectra and accelerated photodamage were observed under near-resonant ultraviolet illumination, while charge transfer simultaneously increased fluorescence for up to 13 min. The combined local field enhancement and charge transfer demonstrate essential steps toward plasmonically enhanced ultraviolet photocatalysis.