Christopher E. Coleman-Smith, Entered 2008/09  

Christopher E. Coleman-Smith

Office Location: 248
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Theoretical nuclear physics
Nonlinear dynamics and complex systems
Theoretical particle physics and string theory

MPhys Physics with Theory, The University of Manchester, UK, 2005

Research Categories: jet modification in heavy ion collisions, statistical modelling of computer experiments

Current projects: Monte Carlo transport modelling of jet quenching in QGP, exploration of computer models via Gaussian Process regression, statistical classification of initial state fluctuations in heavy ion collisions, classical polyhedral approximations to loop quantum gravity

Areas of Interest:
jet quenching / transport in Quark Gluon Plasma
(loop) quantum gravity
Hamiltonian chaos
gaussian processes & inference / machine learning
computational/numerical physics

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. C.E. Coleman-Smith, B.Müller, Mapping the Proton's Fluctuating Waistline, Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 025019 (2014) [5911], [doi] .
  2. Gómez, Facundo A. and Coleman-Smith, Christopher E. and O'Shea, Brian W. and Tumlinson, Jason and Wolpert, Robert. L., . Dissecting galaxy formation models with Sensitivity Analysis -- A new approach to constrain the Milky Way formation history (Preprint, November, 2013) [2587]  [abs].
  3. C.E. Coleman-Smith, B.Müller, A "Helium Atom" of Space: Dynamical Instability of the Isochoric Pentahedron, Phys.Rev. D87 (2013) 044047 (December 9, 2012) [1930]  [abs] [author's comments].
  4. C.E. Coleman-Smith, B.Müller, Constituent mass dependence of transport coefficients in a quark-gluon plasma (Preprint, September 14, 2012) [3328]  [abs].
  5. Facundo A. Gómez, Christopher E. Coleman-Smith, Brian W. O'Shea, Jason Tumlinson, Robert. L. Wolpert, Characterizing the formation history of Milky Way-like stellar haloes with model emulators, Astrophys.J, vol. 760 (September, 2012), pp. 112 [2142] .