Horacio A Carias, Entered 2006/07  

Horacio A Carias

Office Location: 5301 FFSC
Office Phone: 919-660-1634
Email Address: hac7@phy.duke.edu

Chemical Physics

BS - Physics, University of Central Florida, 2006
BS - Chemistry, University of Central Florida, 2006

Current projects: IR Driven Electron Tunneling, Inverse Ligand Design

Research Description: Horacio studies the dynamics of electron tunneling in molecular donor-bridge-acceptor systems.

Areas of Interest:
Chemical Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Carias, H.; Marquez, M.; Hernandez, F., A Wet Chemistry Method for the Preparation of Silver Nanosandwiches, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol., vol. 7 (Winter, 2007) .
  2. Wang, C.; Delcros, J.­G.; Cannon, L.; Konate, F.; Carias, H.; Biggerstaff, J.; Gardner, R.; Phanstiel, O., Defining the molecular requirements for the selective delivery of polyamine­conjugates into cells containing active polyamine transporters, J. Med. Chem., vol. 46 (Fall, 2003) .

Curriculum Vitae

Theoretical and Computational Chemical Physics