Publications [#226706] of John S. Moreland

Papers Published
  1. J. Scott Moreland, Ulrich W. Heinz, Imprinting Quantum Fluctuations on Hydrodynamic Initial Conditions, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 84 no. 054905 (October, 2012), pp. 8 [1191938], [doi] .

    We have developed an algorithm to imprint quantum fluctuations onto the initial transverse energy density profile according to a given two-point covariance function. Using as an example MC-KLN initial conditions with added fluctuations satisfying the covariance function derived in [B. Muller and A. Schafer, Phys. Rev. D 85, 114030 (2012).], we find that effects from sub-nucleonic gluon field fluctuations on the eccentricity harmonics @e_n vary strongly with the gluonic correlation length controlled by the saturation momentum Q_s. Varying Q_s over the range probed in Au + Au collisions at RHIC, we find gluon fluctuation induced enhancements of the eccentricity coefficients ranging from 10 to 20% in central collisions.