Kristen N. Collar, Entered 2011/12  

Kristen N. Collar

Office Location: 3583 CIEMAS
Email Address:

Experimental condensed matter physics

BS, Florida State University, 2011

Current projects: The relationship between terminating native oxide chemistry and InAs(100) two dimensional electron gas conductivity, The incorporation of Bi into GaAs using molecular beam epitaxy and the study of droplet formation and movement on the surface of GaAsBi

Research Description: New device technology is turning to III-V semiconductors to due their high electron mobility and small bandgaps. InAs and GaAs are of particular interest for the next generation of HEMT. Our group is particularly interested in the role the oxides, defects, droplets and interfaces play in the electronic capabilities of these materials. We specialize in molecular beam epitaxy growth of these materials to create unique and interesting systems to probe the fundamental physics.

Recent Publications

  1. Jincheng Li, Tong-Ho Kim, Kamran Forghani, Wenyuan Jiao, Wei Kong, Kristen Collar, Thomas F Kuech, April S Brown, Growth of GaAs1− xBix by molecular beam epitaxy: Trade-offs in optical and structural characteristics (July 28, 2014) [1.4891874&title=Journal+of+applied+physics&volume=116&issue=4&date=2014&spage=043524&issn=0021-8979]  [abs].
  2. Wenyuan Jiao, Wei Kong, Jincheng Li, Kristen Collar, Tong-Ho Kim, April S Brown, The relationship between depth-resolved composition and strain relaxation in InAlN and InGaN films grown by molecular beam epitaxy (October 14, 2013) [1.4825143]  [abs].
  3. D. Graf, R. Stillwell, T. P. Murphy, J.-H. Park, M. Kano, E. C. Palm, P. Schlottmann, J. Bourg, K. N. Collar, J. C. Cooley, J. C. Lashley, J. Willit, and S. W. Tozer, Fermi surface of α-uranium at ambient pressure (December 4, 2009) [PhysRevB.80.241101&title=Physical+review&volume=80&issue=24&date=2009&spage=241101]  [abs].
  4. MM Altarawneh, K Collar, CH Mielke, N Ni, SL Bud’ko, PC Canfield, Determination of anisotropic H c 2 up to 60 T in Ba 0.55 K 0.45 Fe 2 As 2 single crystals (December 16, 2008) [PhysRevB.78.220505]  [abs].

I am interested in condensed matter experiment, more specifically semiconductor material research. I specialize in III-V semiconductor surface and interface characterization.