Publications [#225907] of Kristen N. Collar

Papers Published
  1. D. Graf, R. Stillwell, T. P. Murphy, J.-H. Park, M. Kano, E. C. Palm, P. Schlottmann, J. Bourg, K. N. Collar, J. C. Cooley, J. C. Lashley, J. Willit, and S. W. Tozer, Fermi surface of α-uranium at ambient pressure (December, 2009) [PhysRevB.80.241101&title=Physical+review&volume=80&issue=24&date=2009&spage=241101] .

    We have performed de Haas–van Alphen measurements of the Fermi surface of α-uranium single crystals at ambient pressure within the α3 charge-density wave (CDW) state from 0.020–10 K and magnetic fields to 35 T using torque magnetometry. The angular dependence of the resulting frequencies and the effective masses were measured. The observation of quantum oscillations within the α3 CDW state gives insight into the effect of the charge-density waves on the Fermi surface. We observed no signature of superconductivity in either transport or magnetization down to 0.020 K at ambient pressure.