Publications [#204191] of Margaret E Shea

Papers Published
  1. S. Ask, M.A. Parker, T. Sandoval, M.E. Shea, W.J. Stirling, Using gamma+jets Production to Calibrate the Standard Model Z(nunu)+jets Background to New Physics Processes at the LHC, JHEP, vol. 2011 no. 10 (October, 2011), pp. 058 [2803] .

    The irreducible background from Z(nunu)+jets, to beyond the Standard Model searches at the LHC, can be calibrated using gamma+jets data. The method utilises the fact that at high vector boson pT, the event kinematics are the same for the two processes and the cross sections differ mainly due to the boson-quark couplings. The method relies on a precise prediction from theory of the Z/gamma cross section ratio at high pT, which should be insensitive to effects from full event simulation. We study the Z/gamma ratio for final states involving 1, 2 and 3 hadronic jets, using both the leading-order parton shower Monte Carlo program Pythia8 and a leading-order matrix element program Gambos. This enables us both to understand the underlying parton dynamics in both processes, and to quantify the theoretical systematic uncertainties in the ratio predictions. Using a typical set of experimental cuts, we estimate the net theoretical uncertainty in the ratio to be of order 7%. Uncertainties associated with full event simulation are found to be small. The results indicate that an overall accuracy of the method, excluding statistical errors, of order 10% should be possible.