Marco Bertolini, Research Assistant, Ph D Student  

Marco Bertolini

Office Location: 248 Physics
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Theoretical particle physics and string theory

MS, University of Parma, 2010
BS, University of Parma, 2007

Research Categories: String Theory

Current projects: Moduli space of (0,2) SCFTs, Exact results in heterotic compactifications, F-theory, Exact results in 2D gauge theories

Areas of Interest:
String Theory
Mathematical Physics

Recent Publications   (search)

  1. M. Bertolini, P. R. Merks and D. R. Morrison, On the global symmetries of 6D superconformal field theories (Submitted, 2015) [1510.08056]  [abs].
  2. M. Bertolini, M. R. Plesser, Worldsheet instantons and (0,2) linear models (Submitted, October 16, 2014) [pdf]  [abs].
  3. M. Bertolini, I. V. Melnikov, M. R. Plesser, Accidents in (0,2) Landau-Ginzburg theories (Submitted, May, 2014) [4266]  [abs].
  4. M. Bertolini, I. V. Melnikov, M. R. Plesser, Massless spectrum for hybrids CFTs (Submitted, January 15, 2014) [1751]  [abs].
  5. M. Bertolini, I. V. Melnikov, M. R. Plesser, Hybrid conformal field theories (Submitted, July 27, 2013) [7063]  [abs].

Selected Talks

  1. Massless Spectrum of Hybrid LG Models, July 24, 2012, Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Albert-Einstein-Institut [more_info.php]