Seth S Henshaw, Entered 2005/06  

Seth S Henshaw

Office Location: 406 TUNL
Office Phone: 919-660-2625
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Experimental nuclear physics

Research Categories: Medium Energy Photo-Nuclear Physics

Research Description: Currently my research involves the use of the High Intensity Gamma-ray Source (HIGS) to probe the nucleon structure from in the medium energy region. My two principle projects are to measure the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn (GDH) sum rule integrand from 10-50 MeV incident photon energy. We begin the measurement in September of 2007. The other principle project is to test detectors which will be used in HIGS Compton Scattering Program which is starting March 2008. The Compton Scattering Program hopes to probe the spin polarizabilites of the nucleon. My main interest is to understand the transition fro m the pion-nucleon degrees of freedom at low energies to the quark-gluon degrees at high energies. The HIGS facility is an idea facility for this in that they have been a low energy facility but after the upgrade we will be able to access energies as high as pion threshold (~158 MeV). Other work I have done includes the data analysis of the Boron-proton scattering process to understand the angular distribution of outgoing alpha particles. This work is being done for a group at University of California Irvine, which is building a colliding beam fusion reactor with a new direct extraction method which will eliminate the water boiling process which is used in conventional power plants.