Kevin Claytor, Entered 2009/10  

Kevin Claytor

Office Location: 2303 French Family Science Center
Office Phone: 919-660-1585
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Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
Chemical Physics

BS, Rice University, 2011

Research Categories: Nonlinear optical imaging, Novel NMR pulse sequences

Current projects: Self-phase modulation imaging, Singlet state detection in NMR

Research Description: I am interested in extending the range of 'vision' to include differentiating the natural components of a material, reducing the dependence on external dyes and stains. To this end, I have projects in; 1) Optics: Intense pulses of light can modify themselves in certain materials. I use two of these methods, self-phase modulation and two-photon absorption, to construct an image of the underlying material be it biological or man-made. 2) NMR: I introduce a singlet state on a pair of atomic nuclei to extend their detectable lifetime, or highlight them from similar molecules.

Areas of Interest:
optical imaging
magnetic resonance imaging

Recent Publications

  1. K. Claytor, S. Khatua, J. Guerrero, J. Tour, S. Link, Accurately Determining Single Molecule Trajectories of Molecular Motion on Surfaces, Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 130 no. 16 (April 28, 2009), pp. 164710 [1], [doi] .
  2. K. E. Claytor, J. R. Koby, J. A. Tencate, Limitations of Preisach Theory: Elastic aftereffect, congruence, and end point memory, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, vol. 36 (2009) [2008GL036978.shtml], [doi] .