Publications [#247811] of Thomas J Phillips

Papers Published
  1. Aaltonen, T and others, {First Run II Measurement of the $W$ Boson Mass}, Phys. Rev., vol. D77 (2008), pp. 112001 [e112001] .

    We describe a measurement of the W boson mass mW using 200 pb-1 of $\sqrts=1.96$ TeV $p\barp$ collision data taken with the CDF II detector. With a sample of 63 964 W-->enu candidates and 51 128 W-->\mu nu candidates, we measure mW=[80.413\pm 0.034(stat)\pm 0.034(sys)=80.413\pm 0.048] GeV/c2. This is the single most precise mW measurement to date. When combined with other measured electroweak parameters, this result further constrains the properties of new unobserved particles coupling to W and Z bosons.