Publications [#247845] of Thomas J Phillips

Papers Published
  1. Aaltonen, T and others, First observation of heavy baryons $\Sigma_b$ and $\Sigma_b^*$, Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 99 (2007), pp. 202001 [e202001] .

    We report an observation of new bottom baryons produced in p[overline p] collisions at the Tevatron. Using 1.1 fb-1 of data collected by the CDF II detector, we observe four Lambdab0pi$\pm$ resonances in the fully reconstructed decay mode Lambdab0-->Lambdac+pi-, where Lambdac+-->pK-pi+. We interpret these states as the Sigmab(*)[plus-minus] baryons and measure the following masses: mSigmab+=5807.8-2.2+2.0(stat.)$\pm$1.7(syst.) MeV/c2, mSigmab-=5815.2$\pm$1.0(stat.)$\pm$1.7(syst.) MeV/c2, and m(Sigmab*)-m(Sigmab)=21.2-1.9+2.0(stat.)-0.3+0.4(syst.) MeV/c2.