Publications [#247900] of Thomas J Phillips

Papers Published
  1. Abulencia, A and others, Measurement of the t anti-t production cross section in $p\barp$ collisions at $\sqrts =$ 1.96-TeV using lepton + jets events with jet probability b-tagging, Phys. Rev., vol. D74 (2006), pp. 072006 [pdf] .

    We present a measurement of the tt-bar production cross section using events with one charged lepton and jets from p anti-p collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV. A b-tagging algorithm based on the probability of displaced tracks coming from the event interaction vertex is applied to identify b quarks from top decay. Using 318 pb$^{-1}$ of data collected with the CDF II detector, we measure the tt-bar production cross section in events with at least one restrictive (tight) b-tagged jet and obtain $8.9^{+1.0}_{-1.0}$(stat.)$^{+1.1}_{-1.0}$(syst.) pb. The cross section value assumes a top quark mass of m_t = 178 GeV/c$^2$ in the acceptance corrections. The dependence of the cross section on m_t is presented in the paper. This result is consistent with other CDF measurements of the tt-bar cross section using different samples and analysis techniques, and has similar systematic uncertainties. We have also performed consistency checks by using the b-tagging probability function to vary the signal to background ratio and also using events that have at least two b-tagged jets.