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Anirudh Krishna, Professor of Public Policy and Political Science and Associate Dean for International Academic Programs

Anirudh Krishna
Contact Info:
Office Location:  212 Sanford Inst Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Email Address:  


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2000
M.P.S., Cornell University, 1995
M.A., Delhi School of Economics, 1980
B.A., University of Delhi (India), 1978

Comparative Politics
Political Institutions
Research Interests: Poverty and Democracy in Developing Countries

Current projects: Beyond Poverty: Prospects for Social Mobility, Connecting Democracy with the People: Institutions in the Middle, Internal Migration: How do People Move from Rural Areas to Cities, and What do they Experience?

Areas of Interest:

Poverty dynamics
Inter-generational mobility
Participation in Democracy
Social Capital

Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. A Krishna, MS Sriram and P Prakash, Slum types and adaptation strategies: identifying policy-relevant differences in Bangalore, Environment and Urbanization, vol. 26 no. 2 (October, 2014), pp. 568-585 [doi] .
  2. A Krishna and G Schober, The Gradient of Governance: Distance and Disengagement in Indian Villages, Journal of Development Studies, vol. 50 no. 6 (January, 2014), pp. 820-838 [doi]  [abs].
  3. A Krishna, Making it in india examining social mobility in three walks of life, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 48 no. 49 (December, 2013), pp. 38-49  [abs].
  4. A. Krishna, The mixed news on poverty, Current History, vol. 112 no. 750 (January, 2013), pp. 20-25 .
  5. A. Krishna and K. Ananthpur, Distance and Diseases: Spatial Health Disparities in Rural India., Millennial Asia (Inaugural Sage Edition) (January, 2013) .

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