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Publications of Jerry F. Hough    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. J.F. Hough, Changing Party Coalitions: The Strange Red-Blue State Alignment (2006), New York, Agathon .
  2. J.F. Hough, The Logic of Economic Reform in Russia, 1991-1998 (2001), Washington: The Brookings Institution (Despite title, it also includes several chapters using 1993-1997 survey data.) .
  3. Growing Pains: The 1993 Russian duma Election, Timothy Colton and Jerry F. Hough, eds. (1998), Washington: The Brookings Institution (The major book out of the 1993 election study.) .
  4. J.F. Hough, Democratization and Revolution in the U.S.S.R., 1985-1991 (1997), Washington: The Brookings Institution .
  5. J.F. Hough with Evelyn Davidheiser and Susan Goodrich Lehmann, The 1996 Russian Presidential Election (May, 1996), Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution .
  6. J.F. Hough, Russia and the West: Gorbachev and the Politics of Reform, Second and revised edition (1990), New York: Simon & Schuster .
  7. J.F. Hough, Opening Up the Soviet Economy (1989), The Brookings Institution .
  8. J.F. Hough, Russia and the West: Gorbachev and the Politics of Reform (1988), Simon and Schuster .
  9. J.F. Hough, The Struggle for Third World: Soviet Debates and American Options (1986), The Brookings Institution .
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  12. J.F. Hough, How the Soviet Union is Governed (1979), Harvard University Press .
  13. J.F. Hough, The Soviet Union and Social Science Theory (1977), Harvard University Press .
  14. J.F. Hough, The Soviet Perfects: The Local Party Organs in Industrial Decision-Making (1969), Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press .

Chapters in Books

  1. J.F. Hough with Susan Lehmann, The Mystery of Opponents of Economic Reform among the Yeltsin Voters, in Voters in Post-Communist Russia, edited by Matthew Wyman, Stephen White, and Sarah Oates (1998), pp. 190-227, Chelteham: Edward Elgar Press .
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Journal Articles

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