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Curriculum Vitae

Sheridan W. Johns

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Box 90204, Durham, NC 27708-0204 (919) 660-7051 (office)

Ph.D. Harvard University1965
M.A.Harvard University1959
Middlebury College Language School (Russian)1958
B.A.Amherst College1957
Professional Experience / Employment History

Duke University
Emeritus Professor, Department of Political Science, 2001-present
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, 1970-2001
Institute of Social Studies (The Hague)
Short Course Lecturer, 1980
University of Zambia
Lecturer, 1968-70, 1974-75
Brandeis University
Assistant Professor, 1965-1968
Northwestern University
Assistant Professor, 1965
Visiting Positions
Visiting Professor, University of Zimbabwe, 1983, 1985
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Visiting Associate, Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, 1995 (two months)
Fulbright Scholar,, African Regional Research Program, South Africa, 1994 (three months)
Harry Oppenheimer Research Fellow, Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, 1994 (three months)
Associate Fellow, Southern African Research Program, Yale University, Spring 1993
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award, Nominee, Duke University, 1992
NSF Short Course on Food, Energy and Society, Selected Participant, NSF, 1979-1980
Selected Participant, Office of Education Summer Seminar in Francophone Africa, Summer 1978
Senior Fellow, Research Institute on International Change, Columbia University, Spring 1974
Research Affiliate, Russian Center, Harvard University, 1964-1968
Fullbright Fellowship to Oxford University, England, Fulbright, 1961-62
Ford Foundation Foreign Area Fellowship, Ford Foundation, 1958-60, 1962-63
Professional Service

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Political Science, 1984-1989
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Sciences, 1975-1978
Dept Committees
Member, Various Search, Curriculum and Ad Hoc Committees, 1970-2001
Major Advisor
Advisor to Majors, Department of Political Science, 1970-2001
Advisor to Majors, Comparative Area Studies Program, 1982-2001
A&S Council
Member, Undergraduate Faculty Council of Arts and Sciences, 1971-1973, 1981-1983, 1984-1989
Member, Undergraduate Faculty Council of Arts and Sciences, Executive Committee, 1986-1988
Member, Undergraduate Faculty Council of Arts and Sciences, Curriculum Committee, 1979-1981
University Committee
Member, Search Committee for Director, 1992
Faculty Instructor, Liberal Studies Program, 1992
Faculty member, Alumni Affairs Office, First Alumni College Weekend, October 1985
Speaker, Alumni Affairs Office, Duke Alumni Faculty Forum, Chattanooga, February 1982
Member, Various Committees (including African Studies, Commonwealth Studies, Russia and East Europe, Indian Ocean Studies, International Visiting Scholar), 1975
Continuing Responsible Faculty Member of Unfunded Linkage, 1986-2001
Member, Advisory Committee, 1993-1995
Chair, African Studies Committee, 1988-1995
Chair, Fulbright Scholarship Selection Committee, 1982-1993
Member, Ad Hoc Curriculum and Advisory Committee, 1990-1992
Director and Chair, Advisory Committee, 1989-1992
Member, Steering Committee, 1989-1992
Director and Faculty Instructor, Duke in Zimbabwe/Botswana Summer Program, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991
Chair, Shell Foundation Scholarship Committee, 1986-1990
Member, Advisory Committee, 1985-1988, 1982-1983
Member, James B. Duke International Fellowship Committee, 1983-1986
Member, Steering Committee, 1982-1986
Grant Writer and Responsible Faculty Member, USIS $50,000 Grant, 1982-1986
Member, Committee on Social Implications of Duke Investments, 1976-1978, 1985-1986
Member, Shell Foundation Scholarship Committee, 1975-1986
Chair, University Committee on Hunger, 1978-1983
Member, Fulbright Scholarship Selection Committee, 1975-1982
Member, University Committee on Hunger, 1976-1978
Member, Committee for Creation of Comparative Area Studies Major, 1975-1976
PreMajor Advisor
Advisor to First and Second Year Studies, 1980-2001
Professional affiliations, present
   African Studies Association American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies American Political Science Association Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies
Book Reviewer, Consultantships, present
   Africa Forum Africa Report African Social Research African Journal American Historical Review American Political Science Review Choice Comparative Politics Economic Development and Cultural Change Journal of African History International Journal of African Historical Studies Journal of Interdisciplinary History Western Political Quarterly
Reader, Consultantships, present
   Dorsey Press Duke University Press International Journal of African Historical Studies Journal of Politics National Science Foundation New England Universities Press Ohio University Press University of Chicago Press
Member, Institute of International Education, National Screening Committee for Southern Africa (Fulbright-Hayes Scholarships), 1995-1998
Chair, Association of African Studies Programs, 1993-1995
Associate Chair, Association of African Studies Programs, 1991-1993
Member, Steering Committee, Hunger Education Planning, Interfaith Hunger Appeal, 1988-1992
Inaugural Editor, Hunger Teach Net, Quarterly Newsletter on Teaching of Hunger Issues, Interfaith Hunger Appeal, October 1988-June 1990
Co-Chair, Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies, 1985-1988
Selected Recent Invited Talks

"Chasing White Votes: The Communist Party of South Africa and Elections in the 1940s", Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, August 1996
"From Apartheid to Democracy? South Africa's New Non-Racial Regime", Institute of Oriental and African Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, March 1996
"The Ultimate Insignificance of the Comintern in South Africa: The Communist Party of South Africa, 1921-1950", Committee on African Studies, Harvard University, April 1993
"The Welcome, But Difficult, Transition: the African National Congress in the 1990s", African Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, June 1993
"The Teaching of Hunger Issues: An Undergraduate Course at a Research University", Interfaith Hunger Appeal Workshop on Global Debt, Hunger, and Development, Notre Dame University, June 1990
"Approaches to the Teaching of Hunger", Interfaith Hunger Appeal Workshop on Food Security, Colgate University, June 1988
"State Corporations in Zambia", Colloquium for Ambassador-Designate to Zambia, Department of State, August 1976
"Opposition in South Africa", University of Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland, (Roma, Lesotho), May 1975



  1. Johns, SW, Raising the Red Flag: The International Socialist League and the Communist Party of South Africa, 1914-1932 (1995), History and Literature Series, Mayibuye Center, University of the Western Cape, Bellville (South Africa).
  2. Johns, SW, Mandela, Tambo and the African National Congress: The Struggle Against Apartheid 1948-1990: A Documentary Survey, edited by Johns, SW; Davis, RH (1991), Oxford University Press: New York.
  3. Johns, SW, From Protest to Challenge: A Documentary History of African Politics, Volume 1, Protest and Hope, 1882-1934 (1987) (Reprinted in paperback, 1987.).
  4. Johns, SW, Mining for Development in the Third World: Multinational Corporations, State Enterprises and the International Economy, edited by Johns, SW; Sideri, S (1980), Pergamon Press, New York.
  5. Johns, SW, The Good Fight, edited by Johns, SW; Carter, GM (1965), Program of African Studies, Northwestern University (Selected speeches of Rev. Zaccheus R. Mahabane.).

Chapters in Books

  1. Johns, SW, "To Russia via South Africa: The Experiences of an American Scholar", in Russia in the Contemporary World, edited by Davison, A; Filatova, I (1995), Cape Town: Centre for Russian Studies, University of Cape Town.
  2. Johns, SW, "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela", in Political Leaders of Contemporary African South of the Sahara: A Biographical Dictionary, edited by Glickman, H (1992), Greenwood Press, Westport (Connecticut).
  3. Johns, SW, "Southern Africa: Buffer States Without a Conventional Buffer System", in Buffer States in World Politics, edited by Chay, J; Ross, TE (1986), Boulder: Westview Press.
  4. Johns, SW, "The Parastatal Sector", in Administration in Zambia, edited by Tordoff, W (1980), Manchester University Press/University of Wisconsin Press, Manchester/Madison.
  5. Johns, SW, "Opposition in Southern Africa: Segments, Linkages, and Cohesion", in Changing Politics in Southern Africa, edited by Heard, K; Shaw, T (1977), University Press of America, Washington.
  6. Johns, SW, "South African Communist Party", in Yearbook on International Communist Affairs (1974).
  7. Johns, SW, "Para-statal Bodies in Zambia: Problems and Prospects", in Problems des Sociookonomischen Wandels in Dualistischen Wirtschaften - Das Beispeil Zambia, edited by Simonis, H; Simonis, U (1971), Gustav Fischer, Stuttgart.
  8. Johns, SW, "Trade Union, Political Pressure Group, or Mass Movement: The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union of Africa", in Protest and Power in Black Africa, edited by Rotberg, R; Mazrui, A (1970), Oxford University Press: New York.

Journal Articles

  1. Johns, SW, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988).
  2. Johns, SW, "The Birth of the Communist Party of South Africa", International Journal of African Historical Studies no. 3 (1976).
  3. Johns, SW, "The Comintern, South Africa and the Black Diaspora", Review of Politics, vol. 2 (April, 1975).
  4. Riley, SWJWR, "Local and District Councils - Should They Be Forgotten?", Journal of Modern African Studies no. 2 (1975).
  5. Johns, SW, "Botswana's Strategy for Development: An Assessment of Dependence in the Southern African Context", The Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies no. 1 (1973).
  6. Johns, SW, "Obstacles to Guerrilla Warfare - A South African Case Study", Journal of Modern African Studies no. 2 (1973) (Reprinted in Maddox and Welliver (eds.), Colonialism and Nationalism in Africa, Garland Publishing, 1994.).
  7. Johns, SW, "The Thrust of Pretoria's African Policy of Dialogue", The South Atlantic Quarterly no. 2 (1973).
  8. Johns, SW, "Sudafrika's Diplomatishcher Drang Nach Norden", Europa Archiv (Bonn) no. 22 (1971).
  9. Johns, SW, "The Birth of Non-White Unionism in South Africa", Race (London) no. 2 (1967).


  1. S.W. Johns, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988).
  2. Johns, SW, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988).

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