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Publications of Sheridan W. Johns    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Johns, SW, Raising the Red Flag: The International Socialist League and the Communist Party of South Africa, 1914-1932 (1995), History and Literature Series, Mayibuye Center, University of the Western Cape, Bellville (South Africa) .
  2. Johns, SW, Mandela, Tambo and the African National Congress: The Struggle Against Apartheid 1948-1990: A Documentary Survey, edited by Johns, SW; Davis, RH (1991), Oxford University Press: New York .
  3. Johns, SW, From Protest to Challenge: A Documentary History of African Politics, Volume 1, Protest and Hope, 1882-1934 (1987) (Reprinted in paperback, 1987.) .
  4. Johns, SW, Mining for Development in the Third World: Multinational Corporations, State Enterprises and the International Economy, edited by Johns, SW; Sideri, S (1980), Pergamon Press, New York .
  5. Johns, SW, The Good Fight, edited by Johns, SW; Carter, GM (1965), Program of African Studies, Northwestern University (Selected speeches of Rev. Zaccheus R. Mahabane.) .

Chapters in Books

  1. Johns, SW, "To Russia via South Africa: The Experiences of an American Scholar", in Russia in the Contemporary World, edited by Davison, A; Filatova, I (1995), Cape Town: Centre for Russian Studies, University of Cape Town .
  2. Johns, SW, "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela", in Political Leaders of Contemporary African South of the Sahara: A Biographical Dictionary, edited by Glickman, H (1992), Greenwood Press, Westport (Connecticut) .
  3. Johns, SW, "Southern Africa: Buffer States Without a Conventional Buffer System", in Buffer States in World Politics, edited by Chay, J; Ross, TE (1986), Boulder: Westview Press .
  4. Johns, SW, "The Parastatal Sector", in Administration in Zambia, edited by Tordoff, W (1980), Manchester University Press/University of Wisconsin Press, Manchester/Madison .
  5. Johns, SW, "Opposition in Southern Africa: Segments, Linkages, and Cohesion", in Changing Politics in Southern Africa, edited by Heard, K; Shaw, T (1977), University Press of America, Washington .
  6. Johns, SW, "South African Communist Party", in Yearbook on International Communist Affairs (1974) .
  7. Johns, SW, "Para-statal Bodies in Zambia: Problems and Prospects", in Problems des Sociookonomischen Wandels in Dualistischen Wirtschaften - Das Beispeil Zambia, edited by Simonis, H; Simonis, U (1971), Gustav Fischer, Stuttgart .
  8. Johns, SW, "Trade Union, Political Pressure Group, or Mass Movement: The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union of Africa", in Protest and Power in Black Africa, edited by Rotberg, R; Mazrui, A (1970), Oxford University Press: New York .

Journal Articles

  1. Johns, SW, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988) .
  2. Johns, SW, "The Birth of the Communist Party of South Africa", International Journal of African Historical Studies no. 3 (1976) .
  3. Johns, SW, "The Comintern, South Africa and the Black Diaspora", Review of Politics, vol. 2 (April, 1975) .
  4. Riley, SWJWR, "Local and District Councils - Should They Be Forgotten?", Journal of Modern African Studies no. 2 (1975) .
  5. Johns, SW, "Botswana's Strategy for Development: An Assessment of Dependence in the Southern African Context", The Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies no. 1 (1973) .
  6. Johns, SW, "Obstacles to Guerrilla Warfare - A South African Case Study", Journal of Modern African Studies no. 2 (1973) (Reprinted in Maddox and Welliver (eds.), Colonialism and Nationalism in Africa, Garland Publishing, 1994.) .
  7. Johns, SW, "The Thrust of Pretoria's African Policy of Dialogue", The South Atlantic Quarterly no. 2 (1973) .
  8. Johns, SW, "Sudafrika's Diplomatishcher Drang Nach Norden", Europa Archiv (Bonn) no. 22 (1971) .
  9. Johns, SW, "The Birth of Non-White Unionism in South Africa", Race (London) no. 2 (1967) .


  1. S.W. Johns, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988) .
  2. Johns, SW, "Ohne Obach und Arbeit: Hunger und Armut in den Vereinigten Staaten", Evangelische Komentare (October, 1988) .

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