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  • Great News!
    Laura Satterfield, for faculty, 2010/01/29 11:09:16

    Alex Downes, has just been told that he will receive the "Lepgold Book Prize" for his book, Targeting Civilians in War. This is excellent news, and an important recognition for our friend Alex! Congratulations....  

  • August 15, 2008 - David Siroky's op-ed in N&O
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2008/08/15 10:04:32

    David Siroky's very interesting op-ed was in Tuesday's N & O on the conflict in Georgia. 

    David also has spoken to at least one radio interviewer about this. Congratulations to David!


  • Erik Wibbels in the N & O
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2008/08/11 10:23:49

    Erik's op-ed, "Why it's so unlikely" was in the August 8th issue of the N & O.  

  • Chris Gelpi in the News and Observer
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2008/08/11 10:21:57

    "Good news from Iraq is a boost for McCain" by Chris is in the May 26th issue of N & O.  

  • Bruce Jentleson in the N & O
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2008/08/11 10:20:04

    Bruce's op-ed, "Saving lives when governments won't" was in the May 25th N & O.  

  • Alexander Downes' new book
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2008/05/02 15:07:35

    In this book, Downes asks why states engage in civilian victimization -- military strategies that target an enemy's civilian population in wartime. He argues that such strategies are employed in two circumstances: to coerce an adversary to give up when leaders become desperate to win or to reduce their military casualties in costly wars of attrition, and to eliminate actual or potential resistance by the population in wars to conquer and annex an enemy's territory. http://www.duke.edu/~downes/publications.htm

    Congratulations Alex!


  • Honoring Professor Allan Kornberg
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/08/16 10:10:12

    After 43 years of distinguished service to Duke, Professor Kornberg will officially retire from the university at the end of next academic year. In recognition of his many contributions to our department and the university, we are happy to announce that our conference room (Room 317) has been officially named the Allan Kornberg Conference Room! Please join me in congratulating Professor Kornberg for this most deserved honor and recognition. We will have a formal naming reception in early September in which Professor Kornberg and his wife, Pat, will join us for this wonderful occasion. Thanks to Provost Lange and Dean McLendon for their efforts in getting formal university approval for this honor.  

  • Ruth Grant on Community Radio
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/06/05 10:25:12

    Listen to Ruth on community radio on a talk show about Moral Values sponsored by the North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture talking about Goodness and Evil. Congratulations Ruth!  

  • Gabriel Sheffer quoted in the Washington Post
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/05/01 16:19:47

    Gabriel has been quoted in an article "Official Panel Accuses Israeli Leaders Of Multiple Failures in Lebanon War" in the May 1st issue of the Washington Post. Congratulations Gabriel!


  • Congratulations to Claire Lauterbach
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/04/03 14:12:22

    Claire Lauterbach, a Junior Political Science Major with an IR concentration, had a paper accepted for publication in International Studies Perspectives. The paper, entitled "The Costs of Cooperation: Civilian Casualty Counts in Iraq," was originally written when Claire was a Sophomore in Professor Tim Buthe's course on Non-State Actors in World Politics (PS 158/PPS 181). Good work Claire and thanks to Professor Buthe for his fine mentorship!  

  • John Transue in the news!
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/03/29 15:47:42

    John Transue was quoted in an article in the March 26th issue of the Durham Herald Sun. Congratulations John!  

  • Dave Rohde in the news!
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/03/29 15:34:07

    Dave has been quoted in the March 22nd issue of The New York Times, Congratulations Dave!  

  • Dave Rohde in Congressional Quarterly
    Diane M Dunn, for faculty, 2007/03/29 15:24:41

    Dave Rohde was quoted in the March 21st issue of Congressional Quarterly. Congratulations Dave!  

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