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Political Science : Research Interests


  1. Nicholas W. Carnes, American Government and Politics; Economic and Social Class Inequality; Legislative Politics; Representation and Political Accountability

Full Time Political Science Faculty

  1. John Aldrich, Political Behavior, Parties and Institutions
  2. Kyle Beardsley, Conflict management, Gender in conflict management, Mediation, International, Nuclear Weapons, Peacekeeping forces, Political violence
  3. Pablo Beramendi, Mobilization, Partisanship, Philosophy, Political parties, Voter turnout
  4. Scott de Marchi, Mathematical methods :: Political behavior :: Institutions
  5. Peter D. Feaver, Security Studies, Civil-Military Relations and Nuclear Weapons
  6. Michael A. Gillespie, Continental Political Philosophy, Humanism, Religion and Politics, German Idealism, Existentialism, American Political Thought
  7. Ruth W. Grant, Politics and Ethics, Early Modern Political Philosophy
  8. Joseph Grieco, Political Economy
  9. Kerry L. Haynie, Race & Ethnic Politics, U.S. State Institutions, Behavior & Identities, American Politics
  10. D. Sunshine Hillygus, Conflict of Interest, Continental Population Groups, Health Care Reform, Models, Statistical, Participation, Politics
  11. Jerry F. Hough, American Political Development and Implications for Nation-Building
  12. Christopher Johnston, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Political Ideology
  13. William Keech, William Keech is Research Professor of Political Economy in the ...
  14. Alexander Kirshner, My research cuts across democratic theory, comparative politics and constitutional ...
  15. Herbert P. Kitschelt, Western Europe
  16. Timur Kuran, Civil society, Democracy, Development, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Government Programs, Hinduism, History, 15th Century, History, 16th Century, History, 17th Century, History, 18th Century, History, 19th Century, History, 20th Century, History, Ancient, History, Medieval, India, Islam, Middle East, Partnership, Political development, Social Support, Social Welfare, Socioeconomic Factors, Waqf, Zakat
  17. Peter Lange, Western Europe, Political Economy, and Labor Politics
  18. Bahar Leventoglu, Applied Game Theory, International Relations, Political Economy.
  19. Abdeslam E. Maghraoui, Politics, culture/religion, social norms, Middle East
  20. Edmund Malesky, Electronic books, Leadership, Vietnam
  21. Melanie Manion, Professor Manion studied philosophy and political economy at Peking University ...
  22. Paula D. McClain, Racial politics and Urban politics
  23. Mathew D. McCubbins, McCubbins is perhaps best known for the argument that legislative ...
  24. Michael C. Munger, Institutions, Public Policy, Political Behavior and Parties
  25. Emerson S. Niou, International Relations, Political Economy, and Chinese Politics
  26. David L. Paletz, Politics and the Media, Film and Politics
  27. Karen L. Remmer, Latin America, Democratization, Economic Policy and Performance, Military Governance
  28. David W. Rohde, Gerrymandering, Measurement, Political parties
  29. David Siegel, collective action, political violence and terrorism, social networks, elections
  30. Thomas A. Spragens, Professor of Political Science, specializes in modern political theory and ...
  31. Erik Wibbels, Africa, Decentralization, Dependency, Economic geography, India, Latin America

Affiliated Faculty

  1. Sarah B. Bermeo, International Relations, International Political Economy, Relations between Industrialized and Developing Countries, Foreign Aid, Preferntial Trade Agreements, World Trade Organization, Climate Change Funding
  2. Evan Charney, Political Analysis, Philosophy and Theory, Genomics Policy
  3. Peter G. Fish, Judicial Process
  4. Kristin A. Goss, Law, Political science
  5. Malachi H. Hacohen, Cosmopolitanism
  6. Ole R. Holsti, .
  7. Donald L. Horowitz, Donald L. Horowitz is the James B. Duke Professor of ...
  8. Sheridan W. Johns, Professor Emeritus of Political Science is an Africanist who also ...
  9. Tana L. Johnson, international relations, foreign policy, international organizations, international bureaucracy, institutional origins and change, international environmental policy, international energy policy, non-state actors, international political economy, international development, Asian politics
  10. Judith Kelley, The effects of external actors on domestic reforms, international institutions, international law, international election monitoring, human trafficking, democratization, US treaty ratification
  11. Anirudh Krishna, Poverty and Democracy in Developing Countries
  12. Kang Liu, History
  13. Frederick W. Mayer, Negotiation Analysis, International, and Domestic
  14. Margaret A. McKean, Japan, Pacific Basin, and Property Rights
  15. Ellen Mickiewicz, Mass Media, Democratization, and Former Soviet Union
  16. David E. Price, Congress and Ethics
  17. Alexander Rosenberg, Biology, History, Models, Natural selection
  18. Neil S. Siegel, Health Care Reform, Paternalism
  19. David Soskice, Varieties of Capitalism, Comparative Political Economy, Macroeconomics and Labor Markets. Capitalism and Politics.

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