E P Sanders, Arts & Sciences Professor

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PhDUnion Theological Seminary, N.Y.1966

New Testament
Research Interests: Paul, Palestinian Judiasm, and Synoptic Tradition

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. "Jesus of Nazareth." Encyclopedia Brittanica typescript 44 pp. (Accepted, 2003).
  2. "‘Beschneidung’ (circumcision) and ‘Bund’ (covenant)." Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart 4th ed. (Accepted, 2003).
  3. "The Historical Jesus." The Christian Testament and the Descendants of Abraham 35pp. (Accepted, 2003).
  4. "In Quest of the Historical Jesus." The New York Review of Books 48:18 (November, Nov. 15 2001): 33-6.
  5. "Jesus’ Galilee." Fair Play: Diversity and Conflicts in Early Christianity  (2001): 3-41.