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Julie Newberry,

Julie Newberry

I am a New Testament scholar currently completing my doctoral work in Duke University's Graduate Program in Religion. 

My dissertation focuses on joy and the conditions--circumstances, habits, dispositions, and so forth--that facilitate joy in Luke-Acts. While the prominence of joy in Luke's Gospel has long been recognized, I hope to further our understanding of this motif by examining the relationship between joy-according-to-Luke and other aspects of discipleship. At the same time, my dissertation will also contribute to ongoing discussions about the study of "emotions" in the New Testament. 

I will present part of my dissertation research at the 2018 annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, probing the emotional overtones of Zechariah’s temporary speechlessness in Luke 1. Elsewhere, I have presented a paper about the theological import of Luke’s focus on age categories in the infancy narrative, a topic related both to scriptural allusions and to embodiment in the New Testament. I plan to submit a revised version of this paper to the Journal for the Study of the New Testament in the winter of 2018, and a revised version of an earlier conference paper, arguing that Paul alludes in 1 Corinthians 11:7-12 not only to Genesis but also to 1 Esdras, has already been accepted for publication by New Testament Studies (January 2019). Together, these projects reflect my abiding interest in the theological interpretation of Scripture, the study of intertextuality, embodiment in the New Testament, and academically rigorous scholarship that has implications for the life of the church today. 

The same concerns undergird my teaching—an area in which I actively pursue continued growth, as evidenced by my participation in Duke Graduate School’s Certificate in College Teaching program. In addition to general education courses in New Testament, I am prepared to teach courses on topics such as the exegesis of the Gospels and Acts, emotions in the New Testament, the New Testament’s engagement with the Old Testament, and the theological and hermeneutical issues involved in the “Historical Jesus” project. 

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