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Publications [#289898] of J. Kameron Carter

Papers Published

  1. Carter, JK; CARTER, JK, Race, religion and the contradiction of identity: a theological engagement with Douglass's 1845 \+i\Narrative\-iRACE, RELIGION, AND THE CONTRADICTIONS OF IDENTITY: A THEOLOGICAL ENGAGEMENT WITH DOUGLASS's 1845 NARRATIVE, Modern Theology, vol. 21 no. 1 (2005), pp. 37-65, BLACKWELL PUBLISHING LTD, ISSN 0266-7177 [eLvHCXMwVV09C8JADD0EwcWloLf6B670au9rLoqDIIiCjnfJZSyI_f-YKxV0TIYQSHjvDXlEiJ1lyRqA9hhatKjBOUPeF2ZB5xHSnyHsB82PlVjkYSPux8OtP6n5GYAC5uBOdcSFUsoUc3aF-B0EAs7GDihZHQ2X11FjQhYFGKA1ORN6w3q5iZb0VqxjORofxslchlIsiSecZUFdyR1IsXqE_vy8XOew-ob1e3JA1a9RMshPC6J03XwAHok6vw], [doi]
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    This essay is about identity and the place of religion and theology in how it is thought about and performed. I purse this subject through a theologically informed reading of the 1845 Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass . Taking Douglass's Narrative as emblematic of how identity continues to be conceived, I explain what is promising in the close link forged between religion, theology and culture. The promise of Douglass's Narrative resides in the emancipatory politics of race that it produces and the creative use of the theology of Easter in that politics. But I also explore the contradictions arising from that linkā€”in particular, Douglass's oppressive gender politics. To overcome this problem, I conclude the article by pushing Douglass's cultural reading of identity and the Cross in a more robust theological direction, a direction that gestures towards a theology of Israel and of Pentecost.

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