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Melvin K. Peters, Professor

Melvin K. Peters
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Ph.D.University of Toronto (Canada)1975

Old Testament
Research Interests: Septuagint

Recent Publications

  1. Peters, MK. "Translating a Translation: Some Final Reflections on the Production of the New English Translation of Greek Deuteronomy." Translation is Required: The Septuagint in Retrospect and Prospect Septuagint and Cognate Studies:56 (2010): 248-248.  [abs]
  2. Peters, MKH. XIII CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR SEPTUAGINT AND COGNATE STUDIES: LJUBLJANA, 2007. Society of Biblical Literature Septuagint and Cognate Studies.Society of Biblical Literature no. 55, 2008: 365-365.  [abs]
  3. Peters, MKH. DEUTERONOMION, TO THE READER. OXFORD, 2007: 141-173.

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