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Chloe Kaczmarek, of Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts and Romance Studies

Chloe Kaczmarek

Chloé Kaczmarek is a multimedia documentary artist, scholar, and educator from Paris, France. She graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2018 with an MA in Literary Theory, focusing on reception theory. This theoretical background shapes her work as an artist: she is interested collective forms of storytelling that challenge the singleness of the authorial gaze and voice. In France, she has worked as an educator with asylum-seekers and refugees. This has sparked an interest in finding ways to represent what is ‘untranslatable’, such as the lived experiences of migration and foreignness. Her practice is set on the belief that experimental, self-made, collaborative cinema can provide marginalised communities with tools to share their own stories in their own terms. In the past, she has worked with aural and written archival material at the French national radio. Today, she works mostly with film, both analog and digital. She first moved to Durham, NC in 2018 to teach French in the Romance Studies department at Duke. While in the MFA, she will also be pursuing a PhD in French, with a focus on documentary filmmaking.

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